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Florida River Estates Water Company, Inc.

Durango, Colorado

This objective is executed in a number of ways, amongst which is: 

  • Providing for both regular and emergency maintenance in all aspects of our water system

  • Meeting state compliance standards and facilitating compliance testing

  • Producing and enforcing a rate structure that provides for long-term financial stability in all aspects of delivering water service, including day-to-day operations, capital spending and crisis spending

  • Enacting water restrictions only under careful review out of consideration to its residents

  • Seeking out and authorizing low or no interest external funding sources on an as needed basis

  • Regularly communicating important documents, plans and news to residents via the most appropriate of several channels, including email, the community website, monthly invoicing, flyers and door-to-door calls as necessary

As a secondary objective, we also maintain a recreational use area and a related spending fund.  

Input and participation from the community is welcomed and encouraged.  

Board of Directors:

Mission Statement of the Board:

John Bernazzani (backup)

​(970) 560-9200 cell/text

Florida River Estates is a real estate subdivision located 6 miles Northeast of Durango in the beautiful Florida Valley on CR 240 (Florida Rd).

The Florida River Estates HOA, Inc., dba Florida River Estates Water Company, Inc., is a non-profit organization responsible for the management of the community water system and common areas.

ImPOrtant Information/Updates:

Municipality Code: FloridaRiverEstCO

​Account Number: See Your Invoice


Lower Subdivision Drainage Issues/Spring Runoff

In the Spring of 2023 we experienced significant water drainage issues in the lower subdivision.  This impacts many residents personally as well as the FRE Water system in terms of operator times and costly, frequent filter changes and excess turbidity in our system. We are working diligently with residents and La Plata county to install culverts and obtain easements to clear drainage ditches. Please stay tuned and keep abreast of meeting minutes as posted.  12.8.23

Water Related Emergencies Contact:


Register to Receive Water-Related Updates​ including Leaks, Outages & Restrictions

Mark Fuson

​(970) 398-5540 cell/text

Payment Address:

PO Box 456

​Durango, CO 81302

The Florida River Estates HOA Board consists of volunteer community residents.

The Board’s primary objective is to provide a safe and reliable source of water to the community it serves.

Jamie Matthews & Debbie Smith

John Bernazzani - President

Judy Wachob - Vice President

Terra Bumpers - Treasurer

Jim Scholan - Secretary