Mission Statement of the Board:

This objective is executed in a number of ways, amongst which is: 

  • Providing for both regular and emergency maintenance in all aspects of our water system

  • Meeting state compliance standards and facilitating compliance testing

  • Producing and enforcing a rate structure that provides for long-term financial stability in all aspects of delivering water service, including day-to-day operations, capital spending and crisis spending

  • Enacting water restrictions only under careful review out of consideration to its residents

  • Seeking out and authorizing low or no interest external funding sources on an as needed basis

  • Regularly communicating important documents, plans and news to residents via the most appropriate of several channels, including email, the community website, monthly invoicing, flyers and door-to-door calls as necessary

As a secondary objective, we also maintain a recreational use area and a related spending fund.  

Input and participation from the community is welcomed and encouraged.  

Water Related Emergencies Contact:

Board of Directors:

Florida River Estates is a real estate subdivision located 6 miles Northeast of Durango in the beautiful Florida Valley on CR 240 (Florida Rd).

The Florida River Estates HOA, Inc., dba Florida River Estates Water Company, Inc., is a non-profit organization responsible for the management of the community water system and common areas.

Billing Contact:

ImPOrtant Information/Updates:

Municipality Code: FloridaRiverEstCO

​Account Number: See Your Invoice


John Bernazzani (backup)

​(970) 560-9200 cell/text


Annual Meeting

November 13th


Durango Public Library & Zoom (see invoice, letter or inquire for meeting ID/passcode)

Florida River Estates Water Company, Inc.

Durango, Colorado

Register to Receive Water-Related Updates​ including Leaks, Outages & Restrictions

Mark Fuson

​(970) 398-5540 cell/text

The Florida River Estates HOA Board consists of volunteer community residents.

The Board’s primary objective is to provide a safe and reliable source of water to the community it serves.  

Payment Address:

PO Box 456

​Durango, CO 81302


Jamie Matthews & Debbie Smith

John Bernazzani - President


Judy Wachob - Vice President

Terra Bumpers - Treasurer


Jim Scholan - Secretary